Gavin Harrison and 05Ric

Best known for his work with Porcupine Tree, Gavin Harrison has also played extensively with King Crimson as well as providing session drumming for a host of respected artists but his work with 05Ric has allowed him to develope some of the work that he has created outside these projects.

05Ric uses his voice, extended range bass and guitars to turn his love of sound into sonic tapestries. His vocals, virtuoso playing and a chance meeting between the two has led to one of the most interesting and complex musical collaborations in recent years.

Gavin Harrison’s collaboration with 05Ric stretches back 5 years and three albums (“Drop” 2007 – “Circles” 2009 and “The Man Who Sold Himself” 2012). In addition to being voted best Progressive Drummer four years in a row in the Modern Drummer Magazine’s readers poll Gavin was also recently invited to perform on the David Letterman show as part of his Drum Solo week (see below).

The union of 05Ric’s distinctive style with Gavin’s extraordinary drumming has already produced some unique results but Gavin has stated that withThe Man Who Sold Himself‘we have continued to push the boundaries of our rhythmic and harmonic possibilities, I believe these are some of the wildest rhythmic concepts that I have ever conjured and 05Ric has snaked his bass around.’

05Ric goes on to explain that lyrically the album deals with themes “based on the greed of the financial global crisis, the empty shallowness of goal seeking without passion or for its own sake and the destructive force left behind by selfish behaviour – but the central character through heightened awareness and right action discovers his true calling.”

Since mid 2012 the duo have evolved into a four piece band so they could play the material live. After a successful UK tour in June 2012 the band were on a short European tour in March 2013, thanks to a very positive response the tour was extended in November and December 2013 to those cities and countries where they didn’t play in the first part.


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