LIZZARD is Katy Elwell (drums), William Knox (bass) and Mathieu Ricou (guitar & vocals). The band set out on a mission to create something unique, relevant and unmistakably rock.

And they actually made it!The result of their labours was a first much praised mini-album “Venus” produced by ¬†Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly…) in 2008. The following two years saw LIZZARD touring, opening for some of France’s biggest rock head-liners (Gojira, Punish Yourself, Loudblast, Enhancer…), and in 2011 the band travelled to Los Angeles to record their first full length album with Rhys Fulber once again. The collaboration resulted in “OUT OF REACH”, an album that demonstrates all the traits of LIZZARD, released in Otober 2012 via Klonosphere/Season of Mist. In 2013 LIZZARD hit the road for a European tour with HIGH ON FIRE (US) during which they considerably expanded their fan base. They followed up with a national tour, ending the year opening for Terry Bozzio, who invited the band to perform on Drum Channel in the U.S. LIZZARD came back with a second album called “MAJESTIC” which came out in October 2014. This new album is a spontaneous and raw creation which was recorded live and produced by the band.

Since then the band has done a tour in the US west coast and is currently touring Europe extensively.

“LizZard is that rare entity: a French rock trio! (even though both Katy and William are still british to the tea, they’ve lived in france most of their lives). Our opener throughout the tour, they are a great band who have made the ride even more fun.
The press seems to regard them as the next Porcupine Tool, but in fact they have a style all their own which I like very much. Be sure to arrive early enough at our shows to hear LizZard and check them out at” – ADRIAN BELEW

(…) At last I was able to see a live performance of Lizzard ! They were really tight and I was able to re-live all the thrills I get each time I listen to the album. The guys are everything they should be, their repertoire demanding unique playing skills ! What emotion ! HARDFORCE Mag.

(…)Like on their album, the band expose themselves emotionnaly whilst retaining a modesty which becomes them beautifully, a sort of chanelled explosion. ¬†Tonight, Lizzard certainly conquered each person present. Those who did not attend definitly missed something. METALSICKNESS Mag.


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